Europe Clinical Trials Supply Conference 2014

LSV Healthcare Conferences is proud to announce its Europe Clinical Trials Supply Conference 2014 to be held on October 1 – 2, 2014 at Cologne, Germany. This is to be co-located with our successful Europe Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Conference 2014 and Europe Drug Discovery and Pre-clinical Development Conference 2014.

Over the 2 days, this prestigious event will bring together over 150 senior-level decision makers across the globe focussing on opportunities to improve the clinical supply chain by responding to clinical, regulatory and logistical challenges and help you to make myriad of connections and forge partnerships, you need to grow in the industry. The purpose of the conference is to help manufacturers, regulators and suppliers of specialized products and services to comprehend the scale and direction of the supply chain biopharma business, and to have better basis for planning and managing their role.

Key topics/themes involved:

  • Overcoming Common Supply Chain Pitfalls
  • Market Restraints in Commercialisation of Clinical Trial Supply Chain
  • General Trends in Pricing the Packaging Materials for Cold chain Shipments and for Logistics Services
  • Packaging and Labelling solutions
  • Successful Transportation with Ambient and Cold Chain Delivery for Clinical Trial Products
  • Clinical Trial Supply Chain : Regulatory Outlook
  • Examining outsourcing with validated shippers for cold chain import/export to compare and contrast the benefits
  • Challenges Faced in Global Supply of Biologics for Clinical Trials
  • Transportation Modes Employed: Local, National, Tans-national Shipment
  • Investigate labelling considerations for supply chain optimization to reduce timelines and associated trial costs
  • Deconstructing ‘The Comparator’: evaluating trends, strategic sourcing, and case studies
  • Managing Clinical Trial Supplies from release to patient assignment through system integration
  • Analyzing the data standards compliance and data quality evaluation in clinical trial supply
  • Exploring oversight of clinical investigations for a risk-based approach to monitoring clinical trial supplies
  • Best Practices for Managing Clinical Supplies in an Evolving Marketplace
  • Evaluating effective operating models that support integrated processes, inventory visibility and compliance in distribution
  • Building a holistic approach to supply chain security to gain visibility and protection of products
  • Incorporating contingency plans in the supply chain process to ensure that any deviation/ delay is acted on and dealt with accordingly
  • Good Distribution Practices (GDPs): an extension of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

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