Eurochromnet Meeting 2007

As agreed upon during our last meeting in Luxembourg, we plan to have our next Eurochromnet meeting 2007 during a return trip on the Copenhagen-Oslo cruise ferry. We plan to have two meetings: one on the cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo and one on the cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen.

The first meeting is planned for Friday June 1 2007 from 2 pm to 5 pm. The cruise ferry departs Copenhagen at 5 pm. We arrive in Oslo at 9.30 am Saturday June 2 and we plan to go directly to Frambu where we will get to see the facilities and hear more about the family courses they offer to families affected by a number of rare disorders and diseases including rare chromosome disorders. Lisen Mohr from Frambu has very generously offered to pick us up in Oslo and take us to Frambu where lunch will be served. We need to be back at the ship by 16:00 in the afternoon ready for departure at 5 pm. Meeting no. 2 is planned between 5.30 pm and 8 pm. We arrive in Copenhagen harbour at 9.30 Sunday June 3.

: Copenhagen – Oslo – Copenhagen (ferry cruise)

For registration please e-mail Jette Ziegler: [email protected] and please include information about the type of cabin you prefer. Read more about the ferry cruise at

Registration fee is 40 Euro per person. To confirm the reservations on the cruise ferry the registration fee must be paid no later than December 18 to:

Jette Ziegler
IBAN NO: DK1620008909820740
Postboks 850
DK-0900 København C

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