EFGCP Annual Conference 2014 – Benefits and Risks of Research: How Do We Redress the Current Imbalance?

For twenty one years the European Forum for Good Clinical Practice has acted as a forum to bring all parties with an interest in health care research together and debate current topics. It has members and partners in all areas of research so this conference will be an opportunity to contribute to the debate, influence policy and practice.

The EFGCP Annual Conference 2014 – “Benefits and Risks of Research: How Do We Redress the Current Imbalance?”will explore the consequences of research, both harm and benefit and look how we might achieve a fair balance that promotes improvements in health care, new medicines without diminishing protection of the research participant. It will also explore the current proposal for an EU Clinical Trial Regulation and its consequences.

It will particularly address

  • the approaches of the EU, the EC, competent authorities and drug regulators
  • roles of funders and sponsors
  • how patients, researchers and ethics committees perceive and assess this balance
  • how research risk is monitored
  • how insurance and indemnity is and will be approached in the EU
  • the representation of research risk and benefit in the media

Contact: EFGCP Secretariat – Tel: +32 2 732 87 83 – E-mail: [email protected]