Drug Repositioning in Rare and Orphan Diseases

Biovista, one of the world leaders in drug repositioning, is hosting a lunch and panel discussion on “Drug Repositioning in Rare and Orphan Diseases”, October 18th in Washington DC. Interested parties are invited to register at their site (http://www.biovista.com/events.php?article_id=159).

The discussion will involve thought leaders from associations such as CFIDS, Partnership for Cures and FARA and will explore if ad how novel approaches to drug development can help find treatments for rare and orphan diseases sooner rather than later.


K. Kimberly McCleary, President & CEO, CFIDS Association of America

Dr. Bruce Bloom, President and CSO, Partnership for Cures

Dr. Susan J. Ward, Interim CEO, Charley’s Fund (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy [DMD])

Dr. Aris Persidis, President, Biovista, Inc. (Moderator)