Current Trends In Lung Cancer & Head & Neck Cancer

The Current Trends in Lung Cancer and Head & Neck Cancer series of regional meetings is designed to update practicing oncologists and thoracic surgeons on recent advances in the management of lung and head & neck cancers. Attendees will be updated on long-term data on adjuvant chemotherapy in early-stage disease; in the metastatic setting, the maintenance approach to therapy will be discussed.

Advances in multimodality treatment strategies for stage III NSCLC, including the integration of targeted agents, will be addressed. Updates on efforts to customize lung cancer therapy based on pharmacogenomic patient characteristics will be provided. This symposium will cover in detail current data on the use of agents that block the activity of the EGFR and VEGF pathways to treat NSCLC as well as novel therapies in development for lung cancer. Current approaches to the treatment of patients with SCLC, including novel cytotoxic and targeted agents, will also be presented. This lecture series will also review recent clinical trials in head and neck cancer investigating induction chemotherapy for locally advanced disease. Studies exploring the integration of targeted agents, including EGFR and angiogenesis inhibitors, into the treatment of head and neck cancer will be presented. These meetings will provide extensive opportunity to interact with the faculty, including ample time for questions as well as extensive case-based discussion sessions.


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