Congress of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP): “The hospital pharmacists’ agenda – patient safety first!”

Welcome to Hamburg, one of the most affluent cities in Europe which is located on the river Elbe and boasts the third largest port in Europe. The old tradition of the Hanse is still alive as Hamburg continues to be one of the largest commercial and cultural hubs in Europe drawing millions of visitors every year.

EAHP is pleased to invite you to the 20th Congress of the EAHP, an event that continues to be an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, learn the newest developments in the hospital pharmacist profession and join the industry exhibition.

The scientific committee is already in the process of developing the 2015 programme around a topic we should never forget: “The hospital pharmacist’s agenda – patient safety first”.

The hospital pharmacist profession developed from a medicine to a patient centred profession and our first commitment to the patients is to assure their safe medication. No other professionals can give major input to achieve this goal but of course we are not the only ones. The best outcome for patients can only be achieved through collaborative care including doctors and nurses. Looking on our agenda we have to focus on patient safety but also on proper communication with our colleagues as an important part of the task. A lot of evidence was created in the last years by scientific research on the impact of hospital pharmacists’ interventions. Now is the time to make this happen in every hospital and in every country of Europe. The congress will help you to find the way to overcome the obstacles and barriers in your hospital and will give you incentives to optimize what you are already doing for your patients.

While Hamburg is sometimes thought to be an “industrial” city, you will be surprised by what it has to offer. Visit the impressive harbours with the huge Eurogate container terminal, the nightlife of St. Pauli, the “Speicher”-city and the promenade around the Alster. You will also discover the fine art of the Hanse-culture and maybe visit the prestigious opera house. The landscape itself is something of beauty with 2300 bridges crossing the rivers and streams throughout the city. Hamburg, recognised by the world as an open-minded city will never disappoint you!

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