Cicatricial Alopecia Research Symposium 2011: Lipids, Inflammation and Stem Cells

The goals of the 2011 symposium are to: 1) provide a forum that facilitates discussion among scientists and clinicians regarding emerging areas of research and technologies applicable to cicatricial alopecia; 2) disseminate the research and clinical progress that has been made in the last five years, 3) foster collaborations among scientists and clinicians in cicatricial alopecia and related fields; 4) encourage the cross-fertilization of disciplines to stimulate new ideas and unique research approaches; 5) propose novel ways of solving current problems in cicatricial alopecia; and 6) contribute to the development of new investigators, particularly M.D. and Ph.D. students, residents and post-doctoral fellows including members of racial/ethnic minority groups. The symposium will facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between laboratory and clinical researchers to accelerate the translation of basic scientific discoveries into clinical applications.

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