CBI`s 2nd Annual Rare Disease Leadership Summit

With successes in the rare disease market in the last 10 years, many
pharmaceutical and biotech companies are now looking to invest in
orphan drug research. Although there are many benefits that coincide
with creating orphan drugs there are also many challenges. This annual
leadership summit allows attendees to learn the details of the orphan
drug benefits and incentives and also presents innovative solutions to
most common and most complex challenges in rare disease research. This
summit brings together high level pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and
regulatory executives to discuss:

* Updates on the Orphan Drug Act

* Expediting orphan drug application submissions

* The different types of funding available for rare disease research

* Research and development and clinical challenges within orphan drug development

* Strategies for marketing orphan drugs

* Pricing and reimbursement strategies for orphan drugs

* Best strategies for partnerships with other industries and organizations

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