An opportunity for junior paediatric haemato-oncologists

Flims 2013

The annual joint ECCO – AACR – EORTC – ESMO Workshop on ‘Methods in Clinical Cancer Research’

  • This intensive workshop represents a unique opportunity for European junior oncologists, in any clinical research specialty area, to learn from experts the essentials of clinical trial design.
  • ‘FLIMS’ is a highly regarded training opportunity for junior paediatric haemato-oncologists and we urge you to encourage your doctors in training to apply.
  • SIOPE has decided to sponsor two of the selected candidates with a proposal in the field of clinical trial development in childhood cancer. We were also able to offer two fellowships for FLIMS 14 and their experiences are depicted in our newsletter (see ‘Publications’ section)

One of SIOPE’s objectives is to support and facilitate scientific, medical, professional and educational co-operation across Europe. SIOPE is keen to provide fellowship opportunities to young oncologists in order to attend the hugely popular and highly competitive ‘FLIMS’ Workshop, Methods in Clinical Research, Switzerland. This workshop allows junior oncologists the opportunity to learn the essentials of clinical trial design. SIOPE offered two fellowships for the 14th Joint ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO intensive workshop, which took place in June 2012. Dr. Britta Vormoor from the Newcastle University (UK) and Dr. Susanne Gatz from the Royal Marsden Hospital (UK) were awarded the grants; here they have kindly provided some feedback on their experiences.

  • Testimonial Britta Vormoor FLIMS 2012
  • Testimonial Susanne Gatz FLIMS 2012

For further information, please visit the workshop website contact the Workshop Coordinator, Mrs. Samira Essiaf at [email protected]