AIP-HTA: Building a Framework for Societal Benefits Approach to Health Technology Assessment

How can HTA agencies at national level consider societal benefits as an integral element of their HTA core models which positively contribute not only to realisation of better health outcomes for EU citizens, but also to a smart sustainable economy?

Through its research programme on health technology assessment (HTA), Epposi has been working with its members (patients’ organisations, science and industry) and involved stakeholders, ranging from payers, policy makers to HTA agencies and ethicists, to build a societal benefits approach to HTA.

A special one day multi-stakeholder workshop will present and discuss:

Epposi’s taxonomy for societal benefits approach to HTA

The outcomes of the application of Epposi’s taxonomy for societal benefits approach to HTA to selected case studies in 4 European countries

Epposi’ framework for societal benefits approach to HTA

Validation and consensus-building activities to reshape the final framework and help develop an implementation framework at national and regional level

The latest perspectives on the definition and understanding of societal benefits and societal values in Europe


08.00 – 09.00  Registration and coffee

09.00 – 09.10  Introductory remarks

Alastair Kent

Secretary, Epposi

09.10 – 09.20  Epposi’s mission and goals

Jacqueline Bowman-Busato

Executive Director, Epposi

09.20 – 09.40  Keynote Perspective on Societal Value in Europe

Prof J.L Hans Severens

Institute of Medical Technology Assessment and Institute of Health Policy Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam

09.40 – 09.50  Q&A

09.50 – 10.10  Presentation of Epposi’s 10 Principles for Societal Benefits Approach to HTA

Anastasia Naoum

HTA Researcher, Epposi

10.10 – 10.20  Q&A

10.20 – 10.30 Interim validation and consensus building exercise

10.30 – 10.40  Introduction to breakout session activities

Nick Hicks

Advocacy Healthcare Communication

-relevance, focus and expected outcomes of breakout session activities

10.40 – 11.00  Coffee break

11.00 – 12.30  Breakout interactive sessions: all participants

The main plenary session will be followed be three breakout facilitator-driven sessions to discuss the points raised in the earlier session. The three groups will then come together to discuss the top line outputs of the individual workshops.

The meeting facilitation will use a number of exercises to identify those societal domains where consensus exists between the audiences and recognise those where further dialogue will be needed.

12.30 – 13.30  Lunch

13.30 – 14.00  Rapporteurs’ Feedback from the Breakout Sessions Activities

– the main challenges and final positions

14.00 – 14.20  Q&A

14.20 – 15.00  Final validation and consensus building exercise: Outcomes

15.00 – 15.10  Networking Break

15.10 – 16.40  Multi-stakeholder panel discussion to reflect on Epposi’s Framework for Societal Benefits Approach to HTA


Alastair Kent

Secretary, Epposi


Prof Stephen Bevan

Director, Centre for Workforce Effectiveness

Josie Godfrey Head of Policy and Coordination,

National Specialised Commissioning Team, AGNSS

16.40 – 16.50  Next steps for Epposi’s Framework for Societal Benefits Approach to HTA

Jacqueline Bowman-Bustato

Executive Director, Epposi

16.50 – 17.00  Closing remarks

Jacqueline Bowman-Busato

Executive Director, Epposi

17.00 -17.30  Closing cocktail

(Courtesy of Marivaux Hotel, Congress & Seminar Centre)


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