Achondroplasia: Limb Lengthening conference

Over the years, limb lengthening has proven to be the main and only treatment “choice” for people with achondroplasia. On its 25th anniversary and through an international meeting with orthopedic surgeons, AISAC wants to take stock of the numbers, the results, and the “progress” of this method, as well as discuss with foreign Associations and their members and friends the value and the “significance” of this choice.


In two days, we will share the numbers, the choices, the viewpoints and the reflections of people with achondroplasia, along with Italian orthopedic surgeons and their foreign colleagues, and ask them to tell us about their experience, their ideas, and their projects. A global remark on lengthening chance, for us, for medicine, for the society.


AISAC, was founded in 1987, and it is mainly dedicated to the study of Achondroplasia and, more generally, to the problems originating from short stature. It is a non-profit association, created by a group of parents who, after years of individual initiatives and efforts, have decided to set up a legally recognized organization. The head office is located in Milan, Italy, but the Association is active on the whole Italian territory, in coordination and cooperation with other national and international Associations and organizations. The Association has 700 achondroplasic members (180 children aged less than 10 years), as well as approximately 589 doctors, who act as advisors, and 776 parents and friends.








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