9th Cell Based Assay & Screening Technologies Conference

GTC’s 9th Cell Based Assay & Screening Technologies Conference  will be held on October 7-8, 2014 in Dublin, Ireland.

Over the past years, the field of assay technologies, laboratory automation, and informatics has taken great leaps forward. Present demands from the drug discovery process have propelled a shift in focus from high throughput screening to high content analysis, and there is a greater push for using iPS stem cells combined with 3D cell culture technologies for more physiologically relevant screen models. These developments have raised questions such as, what is the best model for screening for cell based assays? What is the payback of physiologically relevant systems?

This meeting will provide a forum for industry leaders from major pharmaceutical companies and cutting-edge biotech companies, top researchers from academia, and software and technology providers to present innovative and relevant applications of current assay and screening technologies to continually improve efficacy and meaningful data output. Join us as we discuss recent advances and developments in 3D cell cultures, phenotypic screening, breakthrough genome-editing technologies such as CRISPRs, and other predictive tools that can improve clinical outcomes in drug discovery and development.