8th EPPOSI workshop on partnering for rare disease therapy development: “The reality of orphan medicines”

This year`s sessions will focus on:

– Health economics and orphan medicines
– Rare disease prevalence: theory versus practice
– Communicating about the reality for orphan medicines

The aim of this Workshop is to provide a platform for discussion on current subjects in the field for consensus building, and on the cultivation of partnerships between patients, academia, and industry as well as European and member state authorities, so as to convert policy issues and scientific developments into therapies for rare diseases.

All Workshop sessions will feature high-level speakers and experts, representing the different EPPOSI parties and stakeholders, with each session allowing ample time for debate and discussion with the audience.

Each EPPOSI Workshop in the “Partnering for Rare Disease Therapy Development” workshop series is organised in the capital of a different EU member state. This 8th Workshop, the first in the Scandinavian region, follows seven successful EPPOSI events in the Federal Parliament in Brussels (2000), the French Senate in Paris (2001), the Italian Chamber of Deputies in Rome (2002), the Sociëteit “De Witte” in the Hague (2003), Land Hamburg in Berlin (2004), the UK`s Department of Trade and Industry in London (2005) and the Spanish Ministry of Labor & Social Services in Madrid (2006).

To register, please email [email protected].

Full details on the 8th Workshop will soon be made available at www.epposi.org.