7th European Huntington Disease Network plenary Meeting

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the European Huntington´s Disease Network (EHDN), the European Huntington´s Disease Association (EHA), the local organizers and the members of the Programme and Organizing Committee it is our pleasure to cordially invite you to attend the 7th EHDN Plenary Meeting which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from September 14-16, 2012.

Once again, the 7th EHDN Plenary Meeting is held in conjunction with the 14th EHA Meeting(from September 16-17, 2012); all attendees of the EHDN meeting are cordially invited to attend the EHA sessions (please register using the link provided). The meeting venue is the Münchenbryggeriet, a former brewery located opposite to the City Hall of Stockholm at the waterfront.

All EHDN plenary sessions will be open to clinicians, scientists, EHA delegates and members of families affected by HD.


There will be a conference fee (150€ maximum) per participant to foster attendance at and appreciation of the high quality sessions of the Plenary Meeting. The fee will be charged during the registration process. Payments can be made by credit card.


Reports on recent advances in HD (in both basic and clinical sciences) will be presented. Aside from participating in the plenary sessions and the poster viewing sessions, participants will have an opportunity to meet and exchange informally.

Abstracts of the scientific presentation at the EHDN 2012 will be published in citable format as a special supplement of the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry (JNNP).


The EHDN 2012 programme has several main sections:

• Scientific presentations (invited lectures as well as presentations drawn from submissions)

• Reports on EHDN Working Group activities and the progress of data mining as well as seed fund projects

• Poster presentations

• Data blitz on upcoming clinical trials in HD

• EHDN Business meeting

• Training courses, organized as breakfast seminars

• Summaries of the days in plain language


In addtion social activities will be offered ranging from a formal reception at the Stockholm City Hall on Friday evening to Guided city tours by boat or land on Sunday afternoon.


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