6th International Workshop on AKU

Last year, the International Workshop on AKU was extremely successful, and now the 6th International Workshop on AKU has been announced!

The workshop will take place on the 1st and 2nd November 2012, at the Health Spa Piešťany in Slovakia.

This one and a half day meeting will include talks from the World Leaders in alkaptonuria (AKU) research. AKU was the first disease to be seen to be inherited and now the basic and clinical research has advanced to the point where a cure for the disease is on the horizon.

The workshop will be hosting by Professor Jozef Rovenský from the National Institute of Rheumatic Disease and the Slovak Medical Association.

The registration fee is €60.

To Book, please contact Ingrid Bielikova, Slovak Medical Association at [email protected]

For any further information about the workshop, please contact: [email protected]

The conference will be held at the social centre, across the street from the hotel. A map of the area can be found by clicking here.

The programme, along with travel and accommodation information can be downloaded by clicking the the link below: