5th International Conference on Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED2012)

Prof. Dr. Holm Schneider and Friedrich Wilhelm Neukam are pleased to announce the 5th International Conference on Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED2012) which will be held in Erlangen, Germany, on June 1-3rd, 2012.

The ectodermal dysplasias are a large, heterogeneous group of hereditary disorders characterized by defective formation of tissues derived from embryonic ectoderm. ED2012 will provide a forum for multidisciplinary discussions on treatment paradigms as well as innovative approaches to improving the lives of patients with ectodermal dysplasia.

Building upon the success of previous conferences in Malmö (2002), London (2004), Copenhagen (2006) and Nijmegen (2009), ED2012 will bring together pediatricians, dentists, scientists, dermatologists, ear, nose and throat specialists, geneticists, oral and maxillo-facial surgeons, ophthalmologists, experts in child development and other specialists to discuss the challenges of ectodermal dysplasia and the latest advances in research. Outstanding scientists have accepted the invitation to present their most recent exciting results, including an update on the first recombinant protein therapy being developed for patients with the most common form of ectodermal dysplasia.


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