4th RNAi Research & Therapeutics Conference

Since the discovery of RNAi scientists have hoped that by understanding its mechanisms they could transform what has become an invaluable research tool into a game-changing therapeutic modality. Today with more compounds entering the clinic and RNAi-related research expanding in related fields such as microRNA it is clear the field is growing.

GTC is proud to once again bring together the leading experts across industry and academia to meet discuss and exchange their findings on RNAi and advances in delivery therapeutics technology and other applications. Join us as we talk more in-depth about current hot topics in the field such as miRNA non-coding RNA gene-editing and CRISPRs and many more.

An Overview of the Conference Agenda:

  • Session I: Emerging Field: Non-Coding RNA Discovery
  • Session II: RNA and Diseases
  • Session III: Target Discovery and Validation
  • Session IV: RNA Delivery Methods
  • Session V: Therapeutic Diagnostic and Clinical Applications

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This conference is co-located with two other meetings in our Nucleic Acid Summit: