4th International Conference on Tumor Progression and Therapeutic Resistance



Significant knowledge has continued to accumulate regarding our understanding of cancer and how to treat it. In order to make progress, appreciate the knowledge and work to use it to help our patients with cancer, this upcoming 4th International Conference on Tumor Progression and Therapeutic Resistance conference will focus on some key themes including:

  • Tumor microenvironment/progression & metastasis mechanisms
  • Mechanisms of cancer therapy resistance
  • Cancer stem cells/tumor heterogeneity
  • Personalized/Targeted therapeutics
  • Identifying driver mutations in the lab models and in clinical tumor specimens
  • Innovative technologies for translational cancer medicine

Featuring the latest tools, models, and research findings, this conference is a great opportunity to learn and develop new approaches and collaborations or contacts. We invite members of both academia and industry to attend the meeting and to participate in the discussions.

To set the stage for the conference and to achieve our purpose, for the 4th TPTR we will be having three Keynotes focusing on important aspects of the challenges we face.

Keynotes will be given by Dr. Levi Garraway at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and Dr. Mina Bissell at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who will provide important insights into the challenges we face with cancer biology and its therapy. This includes the complexities of the tumor microenvironment and its contribution to tumor progression, metastasis and therapy resistance to the complexities of patients’ tumors and how clinicians are using genomics and the latest technological and informatics approaches to create new options for therapy for patients who just a few years ago had nothing beyond the standard therapies they have already had and some early phase clinical trials.

The meeting will include the Keynotes, Scientific Sessions that will focus on the themes, a poster session with awards, social activities and networking, and a special session on funding opportunities. A number of speakers will be invited from submitted abstracts. Please submit your abstracts as soon as possible and don’t miss this meeting.


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