4th Annual Global Pharma R&D Summit

This event brings science and business together to
collaborate for the pursuit of new opportunities in both areas.  Be a part
of this influential meeting and engage in business, networking and innovative discussions
regarding the future of Pharma R&D.

Key topics:

·   Omics & RNA profiling
– Developing more precision therapeutics and examining the current state of the

·   Bottlenecks
Removing them in translational medicine

·   Collaboration
– Analyzing the impact the trend towards industry/FDA partnering has had on
R&D productivity

·   Safety
Resolving safety issues in small and large molecule drug development

·   Predictive
– Evaluating emerging technologies

·   Global information
management –
Are local needs being met?

·   Biomarker insights
– Assessing the ever-wider range of markers

·   Adaptive trials – 
Designing for the real world

Further Information: