3rd International Conference on Immune Tolerance 2014

Interest in the immune tolerance field continues to grow. Following the successful second International Conference, held in Amsterdam in October 2011, the Third International Conference on Immune Tolerance will bring together international delegates to share their latest research and insights into the mechanisms and treatment of many conditions, most notably in transplantation, autoimmune diseases, inflammation and cancer. This Conference is supported by the established journal Cellular Immunology, which publishes rapidly high-quality, peer-reviewed papers in this exciting field.

Topic List

  • Autoimmunity and the nervous system
  • Drivers of inflammation, neural immune networks in inflammation
  • Effector and regulatory mechanisms of autoimmunity
  • How the microbiome influences autoimmunity
  • Tregs: Breadth and complexity
  • B Cell-dependent autoimmunity
  • Next generation therapies

What the delegates of the 2011 meeting had to say:

There were excellent talks and I learned a lot about the field.

“...high quality presentations by real experts.

Compact, precise and informative.”

Presentation of novel strategies to treat immune disorders. High quality presentations from leading researchers in the field.