2nd Orphan Drugs Research & Commercialization Conference

We invite you to the 2nd Orphan Drugs Research & Commercialization Conference happening February 20-21 2014 in San Diego CA.

This meeting provides a forum for all stakeholders from researchers industry leaders patient advocacy organizations and regulatory experts to gather and share different perspectives on how to best guide the field forward. The program will include presentations on the latest scientific research such as RNAi therapeutics and gene therapy; pricing and reimbursement challenges; clinical endpoints; and much more.

Sessions for this year’s meeting include:

I. Emerging Therapeutics in Rare Diseases

II. Engaging with All Stakeholders

III. From the Clinic to the Markets

IV. Overcoming Post-Approval Challenges


Contact: Amber Kempf at 626-256-6405 x110 or [email protected]