2nd Annual World Orphan Drug Summit – Boston

Orphan drug development: An opportunity not to be missed…

With lower clinical development costs, a growing global market and booming investment levels, orphan drugs are a lot more attractive to large pharma nowadays.

Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Greater investment levels don’t always lead to greater returns. And while it’s true that orphan drugs present a compelling opportunity for industry (and patients), it’s a much more complex picture, fraught with challenges and hurdles to overcome.

We’ve spoken to regulatory agencies, patient organizations and pharma/biotech companies like Celgene, GSK, Apogenix, Ablynx and Shire among others. People working on developing and delivering orphan drugs.

You’ve asked for a BD focused meeting packed with networking opportunities to make sure you meet with the key figures in the orphan drug space. A meeting which brings together more patient organizations than any other meeting.

The 2nd World Orphan Drug Summit will bring together a great cocktail of industry leaders from pharma/biotech companies, patient advocacy groups,  regulators, investors and insurance companies to shares approaches, challenges and successes in orphan drug development. Take back the information and contacts you need to ensure that your orphan drug activities are fulfilling their potential. 

What’s covered on the agenda?

  1. Align your business needs with best practice by meeting and networking with the key stakeholders in the orphan drug community
  2. Recognize how patient advocacy groups can improve your business and scientific orphan drug activities and discover how a patient centred approach to orphan drug R&D can improve patient access with Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, Shire, Novartis and RARE Project
  3. Explore strategies to encourage investment, secure funding and maximize partnership potential with Accredo Health, AstraZeneca, and Longitude Capital
  4. Hear from Pfizer and Genzyme about how they are approaching the orphan drug market and advancing therapies for orphan diseases
  5. Gain a detailed insight into how to design clinical trials for orphan drugs and improve diagnosis and treatment with Amicus Therapeutics, GBS/CIDP Foundation International, Duke University School of Medicine and Alkaptonuria Society
  6. Drive commercial success and maintain momentum throughout your marketing campaign with Raptor Pharmaceuticals, Cystinosis Research Foundation, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals and Generation Health
  7. Optimize the multi-indication brand and other orphan pricing strategies with insights from Infusion Pharma Consulting
  8. Discuss different orphan drug approaches with NPS Pharmaceuticals and DelMar Pharmaceuticals and accelerate your development timelines

And much more, click here to download the draft agenda 

Why attend?

  • Meet the key stakeholders from patient advocacy groups, pharma/biotechs, regulatory agencies, insurance companies and share best practice, solution-focused science and business development opportunities relating to orphan drug development
    • The 2nd World Orphan Drug Summit focuses on delivering content that is of practical value, pushing existing boundaries in this space and helping to grow your business
    • Network with the senior players in the field and leave the meeting with an array of new ideas and contacts to take back to your organization

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