2014 FOD/OAA National Metabolic Family Conference

2014 FOD/OAA National Metabolic Conference is for parents, family members, affected individuals, professionals and exhibitors that have an interest in Metabolic Disorders.

It is only through generous donations and sponsorships that the FOD Group and OAA are able to offer such an important opportunity every two years to Families and Professionals eager to learn more about our disorders. If you are interested in helping our efforts as a donor or a Conference Sponsor please refer to each Group’s website linked above or contact Kathy Stagni directly at [email protected] or call 763.559.1797!

Fatty Oxidation Disorders and Organic Acidemias are a group of rare metabolic disorders whereby fatty acids and protein, respectively, cannot be broken down in the body to be used as energy, especially in times of fasting or illness, and are treated through dietary changes and medications.  When undiagnosed, severe medical complications and/or death can occur.

The importance of our Family Conference is to allow our members to meet other parents and professionals and learn more about their own or their child’s rare metabolic disorder. The focus for this conference is for Families to learn more about the medical management, nutrition and the social needs of caring for yourself or a child with a chronic disorder, specifically those with rare metabolic disorders. On Friday, we will have two separate sessions – one for the FOD Group and one for the OAA Group and there will be a Friday Night Reception from 6-9pm for Families and Speakers. Saturday we will meet in a joint session with Speakers addressing issues common to both Groups’ disorders.

The conference is a wonderful opportunity for Families to meet each other and have the opportunity to speak with professionals on an informal level. Children are encouraged to attend the Friday night Reception and we offer a variety of snacks and drinks during the Reception. Breakfast and Lunch are provided to all Registrants on both days of the conference.


There is NO registration fee for FOD/OAA Family participants for the 2014 Conference – but you will still need to complete a Registration Form for each member (age 5 and older) of your family/party attending! If you decide to register using the paper form on our websites, please mail the form to Deb Lee Gould, PO Box 54, Okemos, MI 48805. You can register up to 6 persons at one time. 

Professionals $50 per registrant (ie, Drs, Genetic counselors, Dietitians etc) – pay via a credit card. One main contact can register up to 4 colleagues. If you decide to register using the printed Registration Form on our websites, please mail the form and a check (made out to OAA) to Deb Lee Gould, PO Box 54, Okemos, MI 48805.