2010 International Research Conference April 9-11

The broad objectives for the 2010 LAM Research Conference are to review research developments in LAM; attract new investigators to LAM research; identify promising new LAM research directions; and attempt to reach consensus on difficult clinical issues. The investigators believe that a 2010 LAM Research Conference is needed to sustain the momentum that has brought the LAM field from obscurity to trials based on molecular targets. The advances in understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of the disease have been remarkable, and the basic science community, the clinical science community, and LAM patients are all aligned to continue to address this problem in an aggressive, cooperative, and intelligent manner. They are confident that the 2010 LAM Research Conference will chart the course for new research directions in LAM, assist the clinical community in arriving at consensus on the optimal management of LAM, and provide hope to those affected by the disease.

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