2008 calcium signaling and disease SGP conference

Description: The
organizers hope that by promoting an exchange between traditional ?Ca2+
signaling researchers? and ?disease researchers? the meeting will play
an important role in accelerating progress in the field and its
translation into clinical insights and practice. As a matter of fact,
SGP previously held a similar-styled symposium in 1994 on the subject
area ?Ion Channels and Genetic Diseases? (organized by D. Dawson &
R. Frizzell). The 1994 SGP symposium had a tremendous impact on the
field by attracting many ion channel researchers into disease-related
projects. The organizers hope that the meeting will play a similar role
in focusing the attention of Ca2+ signaling researchers on
disease-related projects. The meetings organized by the Society of
General Physiologists seem to be ideally poised to facilitate such
critical developments in translational biomedical research.

Additional Information: Conference Web Site.