2008 basement membranes gordon research conference

Description: 1. To communicate and disseminate new data and concepts
concerning known and novel BM components, including biological
activities, defined both in vitro and in vivo; molecular and structural
biology; assembly and turnover; cell and developmental functions;
cellular mechanisms of recognition and adhesion and their downstream
effects; roles of BM components in stem cell niche biology; and
potential clinical applications, including effects on wound healing and
autoimmune diseases; gene therapy for inherited BM diseases
(epidermolysis bullosa, muscular dystrophies); inhibition of tumor
invasion, metastasis, and angiogenesis; and tissue regeneration within
complex BM-organized three-dimensional systems.
2. To increase interactions and collaborations among basic research
groups, clinical research groups, and pharmaceutical or biotechnology
firms interested in BMs or extracellular matrix constituents, their
receptors, or their signaling pathways.
4. To provide an open forum and stimulating atmosphere for discussion
of new hypotheses and approaches, and to facilitate and encourage
exchange of reagents such as antibodies, cloned genes, cell lines and
transgenic animals.
5. To provide a collegial and highly interactive atmosphere in which
both junior and senior investigators wishing to enter this field may
interact with established workers in the area.

Additional Information: Conference Web Site.