1st advances in rare bone diseases conference

Description: The
objectives of the conference are (1) to examine the latest advances in
basic, translational, and clinical research relating to a series of
genetic bone diseases (2) to understand how recent advances in science
may be applied to the areas of bone biology and clinical osteology (3)
to allow selected trainees and junior faculty to present their relevant
work to an audience of experts in the field, (4) to have an interested
lay audience interact with scientific and medical experts in these bone
diseases, and the pharmaceutical industry involved in bone and orphan
diseases and (5) to forge new areas of understanding and need for
research and therapeutics. Moreover, the disease specific groups will
be asked to report the results of their discussions, particularly
regarding future research that needs to be performed to advance the
field, push innovation, and translate basic discoveries to the clinic.
The patient organizations will be asked to report on these workshops
during the Hot Topics session on Friday and to express their thoughts
regarding a future research agenda for their disease area.

Additional Information: Conference Web Site.