16th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine – ICPM 2012 – and Xth Congress of AMIFE (Asociación de Medicina de la Industria Farmacéutica en España)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Presidents of the Spanish Association of Medicine in Pharmaceutical Industry (AMIFE) and of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Physicians (IFAPP) we are pleased to inform you about the upcoming Xth Congress of AMIFE and 16th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Medicine – ICPM 2012 – to be held in Barcelona, Spain, from Wednesday through Friday 14th-16th November 2012. This Congress is jointly organized by IFAPP and AMIFE.

AMIFE/ICPM 2012 will ensure a top-level scientific program with experts’ presentations on well-differentiated and important dimensions of our professional endeavours, with debates, discussions, exchange of ideas and sharing of information and good practices. You will enjoy a varied program with main topics as described below.

Keynote Lecture: Health Care Improvement through Clinical Research

ICPM 2012 will provide a plenary lecture presenting renowned figures of the Pharmaceutical Medicine world. Dr José Gomes do Amaral, Brazil, President-Elect of the World Medical Association, has kindly accepted to deliver a Keynote lecture on “Health Care Improvement Through Clinical Research”.

  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Pharmacovigilance Legislation in the European Union
  • Trends and Needs for Educational and Certification in clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Current patent Issues – Implications, Developments and Possible Solutions
  • New European Directive on Clinical Trials
  • Patient Associations
  • Biosimilar, Regulations and Rules
  • Recent Issues in the Design of Clinical Trials and Decisions Regarding Approval of Drugs
  • Creating collaborative academy-industry-government programs to foster drug development: past, present and future
  • The New Market Access Paradigm in the Scope of the Economical Crisis
  • The Evolving Role of the Medical Science Liaison Function
  • Current Challenges in Clinical Research in Children
  • New Developments in Personalized Medicine
  • Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) Workshop

IFAPP and AMIFE kindly invite any and all interested persons and parties worldwide to attend ICPM 2012, a two-and-a–half-day journey through topics that have an undoubted impact in our professional activity, are of notorious relevance in today’s environment and are core to our association’s goal to make key contributions towards procuring better medicines to patients.

In subsequent bulletins IFAPP will provide updates of the ICPM 2012 program and details of each roundtable and the panel of experts and speakers.

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Please join us at this important event for Pharmaceutical Medicine and mark this date in your calendar already now. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!