14th International Congress on Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (Batten Disease)

Objectives of the NCL2014 Meeting:

The NCL Scientific Congress has been held approximately biennially on alternate sides of the Atlantic, with meetings in the USA or Europe. This is the only international forum that brings together those with interests in basic science and clinical care for this group of profoundly disabling diseases. NCL2014 will be the 14th of these scientific meetings. It will also appeal the Batten Disease Parent Organizations from high, middle and low income countries of the world. Our goal is to provide a meeting that will retain the highest standard of scientific and clinical presentations, but to present at the same time information of the best clinical standards in a format that is accessible to NCL families, neurologists, pediatricians and caregivers around the world. It would be the first Congress to be held in a middle income country of the Americas, expanding the scientific knowledge and the social benefits to a new region, based on the pioneer work of the Center for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism- CEMECO, functioning in Argentina since more than 30 years in a Public Hospital of the Province Córdoba that accounts of a specific program devoted to the NCLs for almost 10 years.

Specific Objectives:

  • to provide a forum to present the latest advances in scientific, clinical and translational research into the NCLs
  • to promote opportunities for student and junior investigators to present their research
  • to maximize the opportunities for interactions between members of the NCL research community, though promoting discussion at poster sessions and a lively social program
  • to promote links between NCL researchers and those working in other more common disease that may share similar mechanisms
  • to bring together NCL researchers and clinicians with the NCL parent organizations and affected families, promoting clear and effective communication between these groups
  • to promote diagnoses of NCLs in low and middle income countries

Contact:  Inés Noher de Halac, academia.edu