14th Annual Pain Therapeutics Conference

SMi are proud to present their 14th Annual Pain Therapeutics Conference taking place in Central London on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th May 2014.

Inadequate pain control remains a major problem across the world. There is an urgent and unmet need to manage pain-related problems accurately. With patent expiries set to impact the market there is a by demand for new therapeutic targets.

This event will focus on the advances and challenges of pre-clinical and clinical aspects of pain drug development.

The agenda will give delegates an in-depth analysis on Ion Channel Blockers to enhance drug development.

New mechanisms will also play an important role when evaluating novel targets with alternative approaches to animal ‘pain’ models and personalised medicines as an exploratory area.

The translation gap between animal data and humans is significant, enabling delegates to review proof of concept for pain modelling in humans. An update will be given on the advances to Opioids in addition to a regulatroy insight on assessing new pain medications.

New sessions for 2014 will include:

  • Migraine pain and evaluating how monoclonal antibodies could become the first prophylactic therapies specifically targeting migraines
  • Advances in recent neuropathic pain developments will be studied, in addition to assessing new therapeutic strategies for pain reduction