12th Cytokines & Inflammation Conference



Over the years, GTC’s Cytokines & Inflammation Conference has become an established meeting point for academic scientists, industry clinical developers, and government researchers to discuss complementary approaches in the field of cytokine biology. We have finalized the program for the 12th annual meeting, which will take place January 30-31, 2014 in San Diego, CA, so mark your calendars and save the date!


Some focused topics we will discuss this meeting include developments in the therapeutic application of cytokines and proposal of new targets, the complex relationship between the immune system and microbes in the homeostasis of mucosal tissues, new findings in the biology and regulation of IL-23 and IL-17, novel means to modulate immune pathways to promote anti-tumor activity, lessons learned from genetic manipulation, and many more.


Sessions for this year’s meeting include:

I. Cytokine Regulation

II. Cytokines Signaling Pathways

III. Joint Session with Concurrent Innate Immunity Conference: Cytokines & Innate Lymphoid Cells

IV. Targeting Cytokines & Chemokines for Therapeutic Interventions



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