10th International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions

The PHA will hold the 10th International Pulmonary Hypertension Conference and Scientific Sessions, on June 21-22nd (Scientific sessions) and 22-24th (Conference) at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando, FL-USA.


In 1990, four women gathered around a kitchen table in Florida and started an organization that would become the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA). PHA has served as the center point of the PH community’s progress toward new research and treatments, increased awareness, education and support for the people who live and work with this disease on a daily basis. In celebration of PHA’s 10th International PH Conference and Scientific Sessions, we’ll be returning to the state where our journey began over 20 years ago.

Celebrating this special 10th International PH Conference in Florida provides the PH community with the perfect opportunity to look back at the progress that has been made since our groundwork was first laid around that kitchen table for research, advocacy and education. While our PHamily – including patients, caregivers, researchers, physicians, nurses and everyone else who lives with, works with or knows about PH – has expanded greatly since 1990, we will always consider Florida as the heart and home of our organization thanks to what our four founders accomplished there.

Join us on this homecoming journey as we celebrate the history of our organization and bring together the PH community. We look forward to seeing you in Florida in 2012!




Information about kids’ room and activities during the conference