Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia – Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

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Current standard therapies with chemotherapy (CT) for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) are
expensive, toxic/allergenic, frequently ineffective, burdensome, and often unavailable.
Thermotherapy is a clinically validated first line alternative for the treatment of
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in South America. However, current heat-delivery modalities are
either too costly or lack governmental approval required to be made widely available to
endemic areas. The investigators have adapted a reliable, safe, and low-cost heat pack for
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis that the investigators have named the HECT-CL device. In this pilot
study the investigators will enroll 25 patients who have either failed or are not candidates
for pentivalent antimonies. The hypothesis states that the HECT-CL device demonstrates
efficacy non-statistically inferior to estimates for current South American Pentavalent
Antimonial cure rates (76%) while demonstrating basic safety and tolerability.

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