EyeTechCare – Refractory Open Angle Glaucoma

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Monocentric prospective study conducted in two phases evaluating the secretion and
elimination of aqueous humor by fluorophotometry in patients with glaucoma treated with
cyclo-coagulation with ultrasound.

Population selected:

– Patients with refractory open angle glaucoma despite previous treatments currently
validated for glaucoma.

The purpose of our study is:

– To evaluate the mechanism of action of glaucoma treatment by cyclo-coagulation with high
intensity focused ultrasound in studying the secretion and elimination of aqueous humor by


– First phase: 2 patients (feasibility study) If reduction of at least 10% of the flow of
aqueous humor production at one month in the first two patients in the feasibility
study, further in second phase.

– Second phase: 6 patients