European Institute for Evidence Based Osteopathic Medicine – The Focus of the Study is to Provide a Guideline on Osteopathic Approach in Treating Hospitalized Newborns.

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Background Several studies have shown the effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment on
neonatal care in reducing length of stay, gastrointestinal problems, clubfoot complications
and improving cranial asymmetry of infants affected by plagiocephaly. Despite several
results obtained, there is still lack of standardized osteopathic evaluation and treatment
procedures for newborns recovered in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The aim of this research is to provide a guideline on osteopathic approach in treating
hospitalized newborns. Specific evaluation tests and treatments have been developed to
tailor osteopathic method according to preterm and term infants’ needs, NICU environment,
medical and paramedical assistance.