DEKK-TEC, Inc. – Document Safety for DM-CHOC-PEN in Pediatric and Adolescent Subjects With Advanced Cancer

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4-Demethyl-4-cholesteryloxycarbonylpenclomedine (DM-CHOC-PEN) is a polychlorinated pyridyl
cholesterol carbonate that is lipophilic, electrically neural, crosses the blood brain
barrier (BBB), ability to localize in intracranial tumor tissue, lacks neurotoxicity and not
transported out of the brain via Pgp (p-glycoprotein) (1). DM-CHOC-PEN has completed Phase
I/II trials in humans with primary and secondary tumors involving the brain with success.
Complete remissions in both primary (astrocytomas, GBM) and metastatic lung cancers.

This trial is open for pediatric and adolescent subjects with advanced cancer – brain
involvement is not required.

Rare Disease: