Yellow Brick Road Project Has Their Largest Fundraiser to Date Through Munch Project’s Causes Platform

NEW YORK – Research into treatment for the ultra-rare HNRNPH2 related disorder received a major boost from the MUNCH Project. The Yellow Brick Road Project (YBRP) supports individuals with the disorder and their families and raised 134 ETH tokens worth roughly $320,000 towards the first privately funded research project into treatment for this ultra-rare condition. With the generosity of the MUNCH community, the YBRP can now meet its goal to fully fund the remainder of the approved research.

The MUNCH Project is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project that applies a 10% transaction fee to every buy and sell made. This transaction fee is then split in two, with half redistributed to other holders of the token and half converted to Ethereum (ETH) which is then automatically donated to charity.

“This opportunity has the potential to ensure the current research project is seen through to completion and could position our organization to embark upon other projects for critical research that will lead to our final destination: a treatment and cure for patients with HNRNPH2 mutations, our children,” explains Trish Flanagan, President of YBRP. She continues, “The MUNCH Community’s selection of the YBRP will have a great impact, moving us out of second gear, allowing us to get where we need to faster. The sooner we can intervene on HNRNPH2 mutations, the better. Munch Tokens charitable program will help us do that.”

Just over 100 people worldwide have been identified with the rare genetic disorder caused by a mutation on the HNRNPH2 gene. Individuals with the condition are developmentally delayed and struggle with mobility, communication, anxiety, vision problems, seizures, and intellectual disability. A treatment has the potential to completely transform the lives of these patients. As a small, passionate and parent-led organization, the YBRP has relied primarily on individual fundraisers by parents and friends of our community. HNRNPH2 awareness week takes place from July 25 to August 1, 2021 and follows the non-profits yearly conference and family meeting.

“We’re delighted to have worked alongside The Yellow Brick Project and are grateful for our community for bringing this cause to our attention — and continuing to support them! This will make a significant difference to the families living with this condition,” states MUNCH CEO, Rodrigo Silva.

MUNCH is a new DeFi project that uses a protocol to automate automatically donate a proportion of every transaction to a community-chosen, accredited charity in a trustless, transparent, and instant way.

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