1st World Congress on Tourette Syndrome & TIC Disorders

The Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA), the European Society for the Study of Tourette Syndrome (ESSTS), Tourettes Action-UK (TA), along with other partners, are proud to present the 1st World Congress on Tourette Syndrome and Tic Disorders. As we join efforts to identify the cause(s) and work towards the development of improved treatments for Tic Disorders and associated conditions, new frontiers and global collaboration will be established. 

The objective of this meeting is to provide a forum for disseminating current advances in all areas of TS within relevant scientific and medical communities. We anticipate that this congress will also act as a catalyst for the synthesis of new ideas that will ultimately enhance our understanding of the disorder and result in the development of new treatments for TS, Tic Disorders and associated conditions. Cross-disciplinary communication will enable the establishment of new global networks of basic and clinical scientists working together to advance our knowledge of TS is also a key aim of this Congress.

The Tourette World Congress program will feature internationally renowned experts and speakers who will present the latest information on all aspects of TS, Tic Disorders and related conditions. Plenary sessions, poster sessions and scheduled discussions on controversial topics on Tic Disorders will be included. Several workshops and training programs will be held during the Congress.



The Tourette World Congress is targeted at scientists, clinicians and other professionals at all levels and who are interested in any area of research and drug development in TS, Tic Disorders and related conditions.

Researchers and care providers from academic, industry, healthcare, non-profit and governmental organizations are invited to participate in the meeting.

Allied health care professionals and those working in the areas of complementary and alternative treatments are welcome to join the Congress.

 Individuals in the following areas are encouraged to participate in/attend the meeting:

 Basic Science




General/Family Practice


Residency/Fellowship/Postgraduate Students

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Investigations

Mental Health Therapy

Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Medical Devices Professionals


PRE-CONGRESS: June 24, 2015

Global Advocacy Summit

Chair: Annetta Hewko


International DBS Registry Meeting

Chair: Michael Okun, M.D.


Behavior Therapy Workshop

Co-Chairs: Douglas Woods, Ph.D. & Cara Verdellen, Ph.D.


ESSTS Training Workshop


CONGRESS: June 25 & 26, 2015



These sessions are intended to highlight important new advances in TS research or treatment. Each session will start with presentations by world experts who will present the most current information available on the topic. They will discuss progress and share insights into future directions of the subject under discussion. The first day will center on current concepts of the underlying biological cause(s) of TS while topics covered on the second day will be more clinical in nature.



Poster sessions provide delegates the opportunity to present their most current research. Authors will have the opportunity to explain their work and answer questions about their research. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the conference.



These sessions will feature presentations on important and recent breakthroughs that have the potential to challenge, change or inform any area of our understanding in TS and related disorders.



Experts in the field with differing views will discuss a scientifically controversial topic/subject in Tourette Syndrome. The debate format allows for the audience to hear both pro and con views about important, interesting and timely concerns. A portion of the time is allotted for questions from the audience. The debate will be moderated by a chairman whose role is to foster and stimulate interaction and discussion between the audience and the speakers